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Putting School

With over forty percent of your stokes occurring on the putting green, you owe it to yourself to be the best putter you can be.  

Choose from one day, two day or the ultimate (three day) putting schools. 

For more information, contact us at (407) 239-1975 or click here to email us.

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One Day or Two Day Putting School With Fred Griffin

Experience a putting school with our Academy Director, Fred Griffin, primarily focusing on techniques that will improve your putting immediately. These schools will utilize the SAM Putt Lab and the AimPoint Green-Reading system to take your game to the next level. 

The intelligent SAM PuttWare automatically evaluates the putting strokes, calculates all relevant parameters, - e.g. rotation, acceleration, swing duration or impact, - and graphically displays the results. The data reveals precise information on how to improve your game, e.g. club face angle or sweet-spot, and how to tailor individual training strategies.

Benefits of SAM PuttLab:

  •     Easy to use technology
  •     Evaluation of putting technique and consistency
  •     Training modules for improvement of specific aspects
  •     Immediate display of results after each stroke
  •     Direct access to all relevant putting parameters
  •     Data comparison with performance of PGA Tour players

The AimPoint Green-Reading system teaches:

  •     The 3 primary green shapes and how they affect the break of the putt
  •     Exactly how much break to play for any putt within 20 feet of the hole
  •     How break changes as green speed changes
  •     How to estimate break very accurately using fall lines and drainage areas
  •     How to find the Zero Lines
  •     Eye and putter face alignment
  •     Understanding green architecture and its implications on putting
  •     Aiming and alignment
  •     Optical illusions and slope perception
  •     Common green-reading misconceptions and mistakes

2017 One Day Putting School with Fred Griffin 

                                                    November-May                June-October
Single Occupancy                        $1391                                 $1100
Double Occupancy                      $1231                                 $960
Commuter                                     $1096                                $895
Junior Add-On                               $500                                  $475

2017 Two Day Putting School with Fred Griffin

                                              November-May            June-October
Single Occupancy                   $1846                          $1469
Double Occupancy                 $1539                          $1252
Commuter                                $1266                          $1069
Junior Add-On                          $630                            $605

Ultimate Putting School 

This three day school features 15 hours of comprehensive instruction focused on putting. School hours are in the morning with afternoons available for golf, practice or playing lessons. 

School includes: 

  • Sam Putt Lab Stroke Analysis and Training
  • Set up and Stroke Training to improve mechanics
  • Putting drills to improve speed and distance putting
  • Putter recommendation based on Putt Lab Analysis
  • Dr. Caserta golf-specific eye training for all aspects of putting
  • Individual Eye Tracking and quiet eye times
  • Keys to applying the eye training in on-course situations to quite the mind and increase performance
  • AimPoint Eye and Putter face alignment
  • Understanding green architecture and its implications on putting
  • Common Green reading misconceptions and mistakes
  • 3 nights accommodations at The Villas of Grand Cypress or the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
  • Putting school on course
  • 2 rounds of golf on Jack Nicklaus Signature-designed Grand Cypress Golf Club courses, plus unlimited use of the Academy's par-3, -4, and -5 practice holes
  • Opening breakfast with instructors and 3 lunches at The Club
  • Limited to 5 students with a 5:1 student to teacher ratio

Call 407-239-1975 for pricing and availability. 


man looking at a golf ball go into the hole

Schools may be scheduled to begin on any day within the months listed above (based on availability of instructors). For dates occupying two months, the first day's month is the prevailing rate. All rates listed are per student. Accommodations are only included in Single and Double Occupancy packages, with Double including shared accommodations. To qualify for Junior Add On rates, a junior must be 13-17 years old and booked in combination with an adult on a Single Occupancy rate or two adults on Double Occupancy rates. Other restrictions may apply.