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man Teeing Off at The Villas of Grand Cypress in Orlando Florida
Academy of Golf


The Grand Cypress Academy of Golf offers the lastest in state-of-the-art technologies that will be sure to help any golfer's game.  Our technologies include SwingModel, SAM Puttlab & Gears Golf System.

 To schedule a tour of the facilities or technologies, please contact the Academy at 407-239-1975

SwingModel Computerized Swing Analysis Lessons

SwingModel was created to provide the golfers the best science based technology to allow the greatest potential performance improvement.

SwingModel is dedicated to providing teachers and students a learning process that is based on scientific research. It may not conform to the latest fad, but it provides the user with what truly works in golf performance.

A 60-minute private lesson that allows you to take home the results! Fee includes a 12-month membership to SwingModel.com where you will be able to participate in a yearlong personal improvement program by reviewing your lesson at anytime, day or night.

Fred Griffin $235

Academy Staff $195


Sam PuttLab

SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

To learn more about SAM PuttLab, please click here

Sam Puttlab at Villas of Grand Cypress Orlando


Optical Motion Tracking

Gears is an optical (camera-based) tracking system, powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second. It offers numerous advantages over other approaches, including:

  • Track any club, with snap-on club mounts
  • Measurements as fine as 0.2 mm
  • No wires attached to the user
  • Golf ball detection, for pinpoint impact location information
  • Simple system setup
  • “Absolute positioning,” with zero drift (unlike inertial systems)

Measurements, Not Estimates

Most systems rely on low resolution approximations of swing data, with algorithmic estimates filling in the gaps. Gears provides hard data, actually measuring the entire swing as it unfolds. Gears analyzes over 600 images per swing, in less than a second.

Complete Club Data, in 3D

Gears offers more data about your swing, with more accuracy, than any other tool in golf:

  • Full Swing Path
  • Impact Location
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Deflection Droop
  • Shaft Deflection
  • Face Heading
  • In/Out Path
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Angle of Attack

Full Body Data with Biofeedback

Use the world’s most popular motion capture tech to measure body motion with unmatched fidelity:

  • Shoulder Angle
  • Hip Angle
  • Knee Angle
  • Toe Angle
  • Spine Angle
  • Major Body Lines
  • Kinematic Sequence

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