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Mental & Visual IMPACT Schools

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Dr. Ryan Caserta golf instructor in Orlando.

Change Your Game

Dr. Ryan Caserta is one of the foremost authorities on the development and maintenance of mental expertise through sport-specific eye training.  Regardless of ability level, winning and losing ultimately comes down to the mind.  However, simply thinking like a champion, staying positive, and breathing correctly are not enough.  Sport expertise research conducted over the past two decades has clearly shown that conquering the mind is ultimately connected to the eyes.  Dr. Caserta has applied several different components of vision, visual perception, and cognition to examine how to improve athletes’ eyes, mental processing, and performance outcomes in sport.  The Individualized Multidimensional Perceptual And Cognitive Training (IMPACT) program teaches athletes the most effective ways to use their eyes to improve their golf game

Students experience innovative, cutting-edge eye training that is scientifically proven to quiet the mind and increase sport performance.  In addition, the IMPACT training program provides statistical evidence of improvement, which is an aspect that no other traditional sport psychology training can provide.

The golf-specific IMPACT training program is designed to improve expertise in the following areas: Visual Perception, Optimal Quiet-Eye Zones, Situation Awareness, & Decision-Making.

The schools will feature Dr. Caserta.  The schools are available in Two-Day instruction.  The schools are customized to focus on a specific area of the game you need to improve: Full Swing, Short Game, or Putting.

If you are interested in a program with Dr. Caserta please contact the academy for
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