Putting school at Orlando golf resort.


Putting School

Putting Instruction at Grand Cypress Academy of Golf

With over forty percent of your stokes occurring on the putting green, you owe it to yourself to be the best putter you can be.  With three of the leading experts in putting, this school offers you the opportunity to develop a sound putting stroke, tour level green reading skills and mental eye training that will transform your game on the greens.  For more information, please contact the Academy at 407-239-1975 or click here to email us.

Golf Rates and Inclusions

Orlando golf school at Florida resort.

Limited to 5 students with a 5:1 student to teacher ratio

3-days, 15 hours of comprehensive instruction

Sam Putt Lab Stroke Analysis and Training

Set up and Stroke Training to improve mechanics

Putting drills to improve speed and distance putting

Putter recommendation based on Putt Lab Analysis

Dr. Caserta golf-specific eye training for all aspects of putting

Individual Eye Tracking and quiet eye times

Keys to applying the eye training in on-course situations to quite the mind and increase performance

AimPoint Eye and Putter face alignment

Understanding green architecture and its implications on putting

Common Green reading misconceptions and mistakes

Afternoons open for practice, golf, or playing lessons

3 nights accommodations at The Villas of Grand Cypress or the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Putting school at Orlando golf course.

2 rounds of golf on Jack Nicklaus Signature-designed Grand Cypress Golf Club courses, plus unlimited use of the Academy's par-3, -4, and -5 practice holes

Opening breakfast with instructors and 3 lunches at resort restaurants

Complimentary beverages at Academy during school dates

Daily club storage and club cleaning with use of locker facilities

Grand Cypress Academy of Golf engraved personal bag tag

This school offers flexible scheduling and may be scheduled to begin on any day

(based on availability of instructors).

Golf Rates

Please contact the Academy at 407-239-1975 for current rates and dates available.

Putting Stroke Training with Fred Griffin

When putting, even thesmallest movements can decide everything. SAM PuttLab uses state-of-the-artultrasound technology and specific mathematic algorithms for precise measurementof the relevant putting parameters.

The intelligent SAM PuttWare automatically evaluates the putting strokes,calculates all relevant parameters, - e.g. rotation, acceleration, swingduration or impact, - and graphically displays the results. The data revealsprecise information on how to improve your game, e.g. club face angle orsweet-spot, and how to tailor individual training strategies.

Benefits of SAM PuttLab:

  • Easy to use technology.
  • Evaluation of putting technique and consistency
  • Training modules for improvement of specific aspects.
  • Immediate display of results after each stroke.
  • Direct access to all relevant putting parameters.
  • Data comparison with performance of PGA Tour players.

Mental Impact Eye Training with Dr. Ryan Caserta

Students experience innovative, cutting-edge eye training that is scientifically proven to quiet the mind and increase sport performance.  In addition, the IMPACT training program provides statistical evidence of improvement, which is an aspect that no other traditional sport psychology training can provide.

The golf-specific IMPACT training program is designed to improve expertise in the following areas: Visual Perception, Optimal Quiet-Eye Zones, Situation Awareness, & Decision-Making.

Dr. Caserta golf-specific eye training for all aspects of putting
Keys to applying the eye training in on-course situations to quite the mind and increase performance:

  • The AimPoint Green-Reading system teaches:
  • The 3 primary green shapes and how they affect the break of the putt.
  • Exactly how much break to play for any putt within 20 feet of the hole
  • How break changes as green speed changes.
  • How to estimate break very accurately using fall lines and drainage areas.
  • How to find the Zero Lines.
  • Eye and putter face alignment.
  • Understanding green architecture and its implications on putting.
  • Aiming and alignment.
  • Optical illusions and slope perception.
  • Common green-reading misconceptions and mistakes.